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Ms. Charlotte Murdock , Operations Manager

Background & Bio

Charlotte comes to Bowditch with nearly a decade of experience in assisting Marine Surveyors with editing and producing reports, as well as general office management. She has a background in supporting English as a Second Language students with writing papers and locating resources during her employment at North Seattle Community College as the Assistant to the Director of Humanities. In addition, she is a proud mother and great lover of nature.  When not in the office, you will likely find Charlotte bird watching with the family in the backyard.




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Central Washington University, B.A., 2000

Did you Know...?

Charlotte was a clown in her younger years and once considered joining Ring-Ling Bros.

Fun Fact From a Co-Worker

You have been great to work with. You were active in helping to move things along and provided sensible ideas to make it work smoothly. We really appreciate the support.

- Portland, Oregon, -