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Marine Surveying and Consulting Services

Whether it be damage surveys, safety audits, cargo stowage or securing services, Bowditch Marine has you covered.

At Bowditch Marine, our goal is to assist owners, underwriters and other maritime interests with all aspects of protecting their marine assets. This includes all areas of maritime operations from pre-voyage inspections to post-damage surveys.

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How can we be of service?

Hull and Machinery Surveys

Damage, condition and valuation, luxury yacht and many more.

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Towage, Lashing & Securing Surveys

Load and stow, suitability for tow, deadship tow and other similar...

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Vessel Safety Inspections & Compliance Surveys

USCG accepted surveyor for 46 CFR part 28 inspections

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Cargo Surveys

Load and stow suitability, draft surveys, cargo damage assessments

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