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Towage, Lashing & Securing Surveys


Towage, Lashing & Securing Surveys

Bowditch Marine provides Load and Stow, Suitability for Tow, Deadship Tow, On-Hire and Off-Hire barge, and other similar surveys.


Areas of Specialty

    Reduce the occurrence of personal injury or loss of life, negative environmental impacts, or property damage through organization and planning.
    Work closely with owners, underwriters, and other interested parties to achieve cost effective results.

Looking for a Trusted Marine Survey Team for your Maritime or Transportation Company?

Our goal at Bowditch Marine is to provide an unbiased third party record of conditions found upon investigation and thorough and accurate information to clients with the utmost respect for client confidentiality. Please contact a member of the Bowditch Team for more information on how we can assist your company.

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